Full Moon - Mazes

My children just LOVED mazes as kids, and so this month's full moon is inspired by some maze activities that we did together when they were little. Kidsactivities.com has some great space mazes for you to print out free of charge (shown in the above thumbnails). Depending on the age/ability of your child, they have easy/harder mazes for you to choose from.

  1. Have the children complete as many mazes as they can - by themselves or with a friend. Don't have a printer? This is an easy one... Let them open the document on their ipad or computer and let them complete it through any drawing/markup app that they have available to them. With school being virtual this year, I'm sure that many of them (or even you) know exactly what I'm talking about.

  2. Challenge the kids to make their own moon maze. Have them start by drawing the shape & then adding the maze lines. This might be more of a challenge, but it will get their brain working.

  3. We all know that sitting will only last for so long... The next activity is to make your own maze. This can be done with painters tape on the floor or just "stuff". I like the idea of the parent making the maze & letting the kids run through it, but who really has that much space or tape? The kids will find it just as fun to drive their toy cars through the maze or let their dolls try to find their way through the maze to "grandma's house". Your maze can be drawn on large paper or made with tape/stuff...

  4. Nice outside? Draw your maze with chalk on the driveway or sidewalk and let the kiddos walk or take their bikes/scooters though the maze. How did they do? Later that night, take them back outside with a flashlight and let them try it again. Because it's going to be a full moon, you really won't need a flashlight, but there's something kids love about being outside with one that makes things all the more fun.

Time for some truth... our kids were "rammy" while I made the mazes. They just wanted to play... Soon my maze activity just turned in to a line that they followed around. It had long straight areas, and curvy tight turns. However you try it, the kids will have a blast!

Once you try any of these ideas, post some pictures/videos to our post for others to enjoy. I think we'd all love to see kids being kids again!



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